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Tranquillity Farms, located in Allamuchy NJ, is home to a diverse  3rd generation family-run agriculture business. Set on 600 acres and farming 800 total acres, the farm prides itself on its registered holsteins and continual expansion of crops. We are keeping farming in New Jersey and supplying our customer with fresh, local produce!


Tranquillity Farms is home to over 300 registered holsteins. The dairy cows produce milk which is shipped to Farmland Dairies to be bottled or made into other dairy products. The holsteins are shown at local and state competitions. This year, Tranquillity Farms has begun production of their own Fresh Homemade Ice Cream!! The milk mix used to make the ice cream is bought from Farmland Dairies where not only Tranquillity Farms milk is shaped but also other local dairy farms. Some flavors include vanilla, chocolate, Milk and Cookies, Butterfinger Crunch, Heath Bar Crunch, MINTnight Cookie Craving (chocolate mint ice cream and cookie pieces) and many  more!! It is available in pints at the farm stand.


This year, 270 acres were used to growing our own produce including corn, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, green and yellow squash, pumpkins and much more!
The other land is used to make hay and feed for the holsteins.

We are bringing fresh produce to the supermarket! We are now wholesaling vegetables to several ShopRite stores in cooperation with Village Supermarkets and Sunrise Supermarkets.

Tranquillity Farms Practices IPM (Integrated Pest Management) in partnership with Rutgers Cooperative Extension to ensure that vegetable plants are only sprayed when absolutely needed.

Own a business and would like to offer fresh produce to your customers?

Call us at (908) 979-0303 and ask about our wholesale opportunities.

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